Decision on commending outstanding employees in 2022

Jun. 03, 2024

Shi Xiaoyu, Zhu Guiying, Ye Yuhong, Sha Leilei, Zhang Jianbo, Xu Honglan, Li Yaqin, Mao Xiaojian, Xu Jinping, and Shi Youling were awarded the title of outstanding employees in 2022, and commendations and awards were given in accordance with regulations.

Decision on commending outstanding employees in 2022

In 2022, they are conscientious, responsible, positive, and have completed their work tasks excellently, achieved remarkable results, played an exemplary role, and won the recognition and praise of most employees.  It is hoped that the commended person will not be arrogant or impatient in the future work, and make persistent efforts; We hope that all employees can learn from them and jointly contribute to the realization of the development goals of Hornby Electronic in the new era.

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