Hornby 2024 team-building vacation

May. 15, 2024


Spring vacation,always passion!In this blooming season, our company organized a team-building vacation.


The location of this team building was selected in the scenic Qionglong Mountain.In the mountains in spring, everything is revived, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant, and the sun shines through the leaves to shed light and shadow,which makes people feel refreshed and delighted.With a happy mood, everyone embarked on the journey of climbing the mountain.During the climb, colleagues helped each other and encouraged each other, and finally reached the top of the mountain together.The climbing not only exercise our body but also pull each other closer.



After the climbing, we also enjoyed a hearty barbecue feast.The aroma of barbecue and the laughter fills the air,everyone share their work experiences and interesting life stories in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.This barbecue feast not only satisfies the taste buds, but also relaxes everyone's spirits.



On the morning of the second day, we also organized a visit to the West Hall of Suzhou Museum. Each piece of cultural relics tells the story of the past. Everyone quietly followed the narrator and embarked on this journey through time and space. Here, everyone felt the depth of Chinese culture and increased their knowledge of history and culture.


This team building vacation made everyone feel the charm of nature and culture, relaxed their body and mind, and enhanced the cohesion of the team.Everyone devoted themselves to this team building activity in a full state, reflecting the spirit shown in the banner in the group photo:Positive, optimistic, diligent, and forward-looking.



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