Fast Recovery Diode

Fast Recovery Diode

Fast recovery diodes (FRDs) offer shorter reverse recovery times (t rr ), making them superior to typical rectifier diodes in terms of switching speed and switching losses.

Diodes can be divided into two main categories: rectifier diodes (standard recovery) and fast diodes. Rectifier diodes are generally used to convert AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current). Although optimized for low conduction losses, rectifier diodes are subjected to only moderate dynamic stresses when transitioning from the on state to the blocking state.

On the other hand, the fast diode is a companion device to the switch in the DC to AC conversion. Each switch requires a complementary diode (e.g., for “renewing” reactive power) to enable operation of a DC-to-AC conversion system with inductive loads.

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Principle of operation of FR diodes

Fast recovery diodes work on the same principle as conventional diodes as they are both used for rectification. When an AC signal passes through the diode, the positive half cycle passes through while the negative half cycle is blocked. However, it does not block the negative half cycle immediately. It takes some time to recover from the conduction state to the blocking state.

VRRM=50V~1000V, IF=1A~16A, TRR=150ns~500ns, generally used in Snubber lines/VCC rectifier and other application lines.

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Type PRV Io @TA Io @TA IFSM IR IFM VFM Trr Package

1000325100531.3500DO-214AB / SMC
800325100531.3500DO-214AB / SMC
600325100531.3250DO-214AB / SMC
400325100531.3150DO-214AB / SMC
200325100531.3150DO-214AB / SMC
100325100531.3150DO-214AB / SMC
50325100531.3150DO-214AB / SMC
100022550521.3500DO-214AA / SMB
80022550521.3500DO-214AA / SMB
60022550521.3250DO-214AA / SMB
40022550521.3150DO-214AA / SMB
20022550521.3150DO-214AA / SMB
10022550521.3150DO-214AA / SMB
5022550521.3150DO-214AA / SMB
100012530511.3500DO-214AC / SMA
80012530511.3500DO-214AC / SMA
60012530511.3250DO-214AC / SMA
40012530511.3150DO-214AC / SMA
20012530511.3150DO-214AC / SMA
10012530511.3150DO-214AC / SMA
5012530511.3150DO-214AC / SMA

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